Adesokan Adedayo


Maastricht, Netherlands

About my work

What role does perception play when telling a story? Do you tell it as it is or what you think it is? When I tell a story, I feel the weight of the aspects of the story that will never get told. Representation is always subjective, this is how the human mind functions, through subjection. In January 2016, I actively observed a marginalized population in Lagos locally referred to as “Agberos”. My observations and thoughts have been presented as cenotaphic allusions in this series.


Aàdesokan (b. 1994, Lagos) creates for revelation, to incite change, any form of it on a supraliminal level. He interrogates the mind: his own mind and its endless perceptions having been exposed to various psychoanalytic methodologies by his psychologist father at an early age. Although his expressions are eclectic, they are centered around the discourse of philosophy, analytical psychology and theology which reflects a dedicated focus on existentialism, social constructionism, mental health and various perceptions concerning them. Aàdesokan is currently undergoing a research residency at Jan Van Eyck Academie to develop the concept of Waste Identity as an imaginary theorization fixated on the relationship between waste and identity - testing the feasibility of negotiating the use of the identity of waste as a metaphor for displacement and human migration.




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Adesokan Adedayo

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