Aisha Seriki

Aisha Seriki

London, UK

About my work

For centuries, museums and art galleries have been regarded as the hallmark of culture. But even though museums have been hotspot for representing cultures and experiences all over the world, they have always underrepresented black women. This is despite the contributions which black women have made and continued to make to Western society. ‘Heaven is not closed’ was inspired by a trip to Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is famous for its paintings; outstanding and undeniably beautiful. Yet the clear absence of black people in the paintings was hard to ignore. It is important to note that this absence is all too common in most Western art institutions. Especially the ones that seem to be landmarks of culture. As a black woman, not seeing black women represented at all – let alone in all their glory was disheartening. Women are depicted as powerful and dominant in paintings at the Uffizi gallery. I wanted black women to be portrayed in a similar manner. By using the museum as a backdrop for my project, I aim to demonstrate that the art world is not closed to us.


Aisha Seriki is a Nigerian, London based creative specialised in portrait/fashion photography. At the age of 8 her family immigrated from South East Asia to the UK and she has been residing in South London ever since. Aisha’s interest in photography stems from her father's obsession with documentation of special occasions; specifically all of her significant childhood events. Much of her work is centered around and created as a commentary on prevalent global social issues.




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Aisha Seriki

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