Amandla Baraka

Amandla Baraka

Brooklyn, NY, USA

About my work

"Stop Killing Black People" - Barclays Center Protest, May 29th, 2020 - George Floyd had been choked to death by Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin on May 25th. This is just after the world caught wind of what happened to Ahmaud Arbery - a young black man who was shot and killed for jogging while black in a predominantly white neighborhood. And then more stories of more deaths at the hands of officers and racists started to pop up. Breonna Taylor - a 26 year old black woman, shot and killed in her home by officers searching the wrong home. My sadness turned to rage and I felt it was necessary to be on the front lines of this protest. People still don't see us. We have to make ourselves seen and heard and FELT. This image was taken just after the police were fighting with protesters. "The People Are Fed Up!"- Black Power Protest, June 1st, 2020


Amandla Baraka is a self-taught Director and Photographer raised in Montclair, NJ with strong roots in Newark, New Jersey. Now based in Brooklyn, NY — Amandla got her start with Fashion photography which eventually transformed into Fashion filmmaking. She spent a year directing short video content for Pyer Moss before she was hired to direct the "Focus Breathe-In" Global Adidas campaign.




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Amandla Baraka

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