Daron Bandeira

Daron Bandeira

Zanzibar, Tanzania

About my work

The duality of my West African identity informs my style, perspective, and approach to narratives, mirrored in the ways I present my images about living and creating on the entire continent of Africa. As a result, I use my images to challenge mainstream ideation of normality and culture, with an eye for finding beauty in people. Subsequently, my images confront mainstream notions of normality and culture, seeking the unconventional yet alluring aspects of life people inhibit. I have presented a group of different work that showcases my current state, also the joy I find traveling and creating in Africa. I wish to use my platforms to courage people especially people of color to love where they come from, travel to see our amazing landscape, and also for the creative industry to know that its okay to employ or commission African creatives.


Daron Bandeira is a Zanzibar based photographer, art director and curator specializing primarily in visual works focused on fashion, lifestyle, travel and commercial. In 2013, Bandeira founded Afrobougee, a premiere contemporary platform to acknowledge artists on the African continent and across the diaspora. The online database and magazine profiles connect creatives from different countries in Africa, enabling borderless collaboration.




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Daron Bandeira

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