Deborah Moses-Sanks

Deborah Moses-Sanks

Berlin, Germany

About my work

My community reflects a shared sense of identity, the secrets that link us and sets us apart. The faces of those in my community, their individual experiences and our collective past guarantees as much variety as unity among African descended peoples. My community acknowledges the miracle of our history when we meet and greet one another as sisters and brothers... as survivors, still carrying on. With just a nod of the head, is an affirmation that communicates; I know something about you and you know something about me. As an African American I grow up in the projects in the South Bronx and lived in Harlem. Many years later I became conscious that what was my neighborhood was revered to as the ghetto by those who lived in better neighborhoods and that the word ghetto had a subtext of a place of social, cultural and moral abandonment, decay and that nothing positive could come out of such neighborhoods. The lived experiences of those living in the “block” become visible as they established themselves to become jazz and blues musicians, writers, teachers, singers, dancers, artists, rappers and hip-hoppers, fashion designers, seamstresses, tailors and photographers. These art forms demonstrate that out of individual and shared experiences that something constructively, skillfully and awe-inspiring does evolve.


Deborah Moses-Sanks is a photojournalist. Her interest in the documentation of black actors is shaped by their transnational living and experiential spaces as gender non-conforming black activists. Her visual activism focuses on the power to act but also on the barriers to action of black women, black activists of different generations. In Berlin she also works with young Women of Color and women with a migration background at the interface between photo documentation and English classes.




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Deborah Moses-Sanks

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