Delali Ayivi

Delali Ayivi

London, UK

About my work

Togo Yeye was found by Malaika and Delali, two friends based in Lomé and London, with the aim to authentically champion young Togolese artists and capture the richness of creative ideas in modern day Togo. Togo Yeye is Ewe and translates to “a new Togo”, dedicated to tomorrows generation of artists and thinkers: today. The main objective of Togo Yeye is to document and celebrate those who push creative boundaries, especially in Lomé’s fashion industry and centralise these ideas in one place. We also hope that trough collaboration with artists and friends we can strengthen our community and bridge the gap between the Togolese diaspora and people at home. We meet most of our emerging designers by attending graduate shows and by working with students from Lomé’s fashion academies such as Eamod Ayanick and FAALT. The concepts for our shoots are usually centred around the garment or personal style we are capturing. Besides photography, a large component of our work are our conversations with artists about tradition, defining a Togolese modernity and our history.


Delali Ayivi is a Togolese and German photographer and creative based in London. Influenced by the duality of her upbringing, Delali´s work focuses especially on Afro-German identities and their representation as well as the Togolese fashion community in Lomé and abroad. Delali recently graduated from London College of Fashion studying Creative Direction for Fashion.




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Delali Ayivi

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