Ed Maximus

Ed Maximus

New York City, NY, USA

About my work

Conceived in 2015, For Colored Girls is Ed Maximus’ ongoing project countering the incomplete narrative that accompanies the black female form. Often fraught with censorship, politicization and policing, black women find their bodies as a source of shame in the real world and completely absent in the art world. With this series, Maximus continues to collaborate with black women from different walks and experiences to highlight the beauty, glory and celebration that can be found in their nude form. His ultimate objective is to create a body of work in which every black woman can see a piece of themselves.


Ed Maximus is a Haitian Visual Artist and Photographer. Since moving to New York City in 2014, he has been weaving his way through the fashion and fine world by creating work that captures the human essence. He has been featured in many prestigious fashion magazines and has self-published two monographs. In 2018, Maximus had his first solo show for his fine art project For Colored Girls.




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Ed Maximus

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