Gregory Prescott

Gregory Prescott

Los Angeles, CA United States

About my work

This is a series of portraits and art nudes of men and women of African decent.


I use my camera like a paintbrush, to create beautiful images of the male and female face and form. My mission is to diversify the cultural spectrum in fine art photography, with classic and timeless pieces. I am an emerging, self-taught photographer currently residing in Los Angeles, CA., whom has spent most of my life in Houston, TX and almost 4 years in New York City. My work consists of an array of photographs of portraits of humans adorned and the human form. I find it interesting to create art using live figures. In my photographs, one may witness the essence, sensuality, strong structure and power of the face and body, giving you a sense of connection to the model. I hope that with my photographs, people should be able to further extend their appreciation of the beauty and body of both men and women and see that all people are sensual creatures. My photographs have embraced both the inner and outer beauty of men and women. I try to bring more diversity in art photography; in race, gender, cultural, body type, skin type and sexuality. There is a current movement that is long overdue, in showing more diversity in the media and I tend to expand that movement in art photography. There is also a movement in acceptance to others and their outer appearance and lifestyle. As a Los Angeles based artist, I enjoy incorporating nature and the outdoors with my subjects. I love shooting natural light and what it does to the skin. It gives my images a more relatable, pure and raw feel. It is important to me to show my audience and to broaden their view of what I find is beautiful. I tend to work with a large range of models, from fashion models to art models and internet models, and it gives me an opportunity to exhibit the beauty in a larger spectrum of what we call human. GOD is the true artist. I am the channel.




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Gregory Prescott

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