Ismail Odetola

Ismail Odetola

Lagos, Nigeria

About my work

Isn’t it all over their faces everywhere you go, what people are going through that they can’t tell or share with anyone Yet Life is not just about what can be seen but what can be felt irrationally and poetically? Humans are an island of memories. But what does this memory contain? The good which is not vain or the evil which is lost. We moved through life observing each new moment with a consciousness made up of infinite impression, distortion and association. This is the poetic essence of who we are. The material used in realising this works is as old as the history of people who use them. Life on water intrigues me, how people live off water and hope. In its abundance they feed and in its calmness, they sail. It is both poetic and fascinating. I conceptual this portrait, juxtaposing with man, nature, landscape and symbolic materials.


I am an independent photographer, writer and filmmaker. I was a winner at the UNESCO 2017 Global Youth photo contest, EU/OECD 2018 Development Center Youth photo contest, FIBA 2018 Photo contest, 2018 NASSER BIN HAMAD international youth creativity award. In 2018 my short documentary film was recognized by (UNAOC). Shortlisted for the 2018 Youmanity photo award, FIBA 2019, and 2019 German peace prize and Siena creative photo award 2020.




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Ismail Odetola

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