Jozef Wright

Jozef Wright

Den Haag, The Netherlands

About my work

A common theme I try to echo throughout my work is that of individuality, and furthermore about being who you are with no care or concern for what others may think of you. It's an attitude that I personally carry with me everyday, and I find myself continually drawn to those who are unapologetically themselves. I am Queer, so a lot of the subjects that I photograph are part of the LGBTQIA community. Another focus/facet of my work is creating a sort of utopia, and I often try bringing different aspects of surrealism and reality together to create this world that I long for in my head. This is directly related to why I use Queer people throughout my work, as I feel that in a perfect world everyone would be able to be themselves and be free to have their own expression regardless of race, sexuality, or origin. Next to that I am very inspired by different mythologies, these usually manifest in the more composite works that show more nudity or that recreate statues from Ancient Greece and the renaissance period.


I am a 23 year-old photographer, born in Jamaica and raised in California. I currently live in Den Haag, The Netherlands. The focus of my personal work is bringing different aspects of surrealism and reality together to tell stories I relate to in a minimal and aestheticised way.




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Jozef Wright

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