Kwaku Alston

Kwaku Alston

Los Angeles, USA

About my work

I photograph everyone all the same, regardless of fame. My methods include using music, how I approach them, making them feel comfortable in the space with their favorite flowers or food, and doing research to learn of any new projects they’ve done or anything you can relate to. It’s about getting them out of their shell and helping them feel comfortable to engage.


Kwaku has photographed some of the most famous faces of our time - from Oscar and Grammy winners to Barack Obama and the First Family. His many and diverse clients include The New York Times Magazine, Time and Essence Magazine, global brands like Amgen, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Target and Verizon, and media giants such as Universal Studios, Disney, Amazon, Sony Music and ESPN. His portraits have a fresh, unaffected feel, and yet they celebrate the extraordinariness of his subjects, striking a balance between contemporary documentary photography and classic celebrity portraiture. Kwaku’s world travels continue to inform his work and remind him that curiosity, encouragement and sincerity are universal languages. As the Director of Photography on a documentary titled In Search of Voodoo, he has made multiple trips to West Africa, and is inspired to bridge still photography and filmmaking to tell great stories.




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Kwaku Alston

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