Lougè Delcy


Brooklyn, New York, USA

About my work

Lougè documented the Maasai tribe during his trip to Kenya in 2018. This trip to Kenya was surrounding an assignment Lougè was working on for Giants of Africa and the Obama Foundation where he was commissioned to capture the vibrant personalities of the Kenyan people. Lougè spent a few days with the Maasai people in an effort to understand the culture and tradition.


Lougè Delcy, commonly know as Dapper Lou, is a well-traveled artist who experiences life through a creative lens. His bold sense of style stems from his Haitian heritage, and his Brooklyn upbringing adds a raw element that is unmistakable throughout his body of work. As a self-taught artist of humble beginnings, Lougè’s work has brought him around the world — documenting people of color in indigenous tribes and local communities, focusing on their beauty and rich culture. In 2016, Lougè launches a creative agency and called it Dapper Studios. Featuring Lougè’s network of artist friends and longtime collaborators that range from photographers and stylists to filmmakers and poets. Dapper Studios has worked with innovative brands and institutions such as Giants of Africa, Apple, Instagram and Condè Nast Traveler with the focus of highlighting authentic stories. Current group exhibition: Smithsonian: Men of Change Exhibition Muse Creative Award 2020: Branded Content Category. Dapper Studios for Banana Republic




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Lougè Delcy

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