Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid


New York, USA

About my work

IN OCHRE (SERIES) Yellow is fascinating for me for many reasons: it is a color with a historical, psychological, anthropological and spiritual importance. Psychologically yellow is proven to lift our spirits and self-esteem, brining confidence and optimism. The oldest know pigment used by humans was Yellow Ochre and its use can be traced back to Kenya some 285,000 years ago. This series explores the values associated with yellow, in tandem with those same values and their interaction with people within the African Diaspora.


Mahaneela is a multidisciplinary artist from London with roots in Ghana, India and Jamaica. She is currently based in New York. Her work explores the themes of diasporic history, music and culture with a focus on the black experience and emphasis on depicting black and brown people in modes of joy and happiness. In a direct response to the lack of representation of black and asian people in the mainstream media, she hopes to provide a new perspective, on that is bright, beautiful and authentic.




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Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid

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