Matthew Jordan Smith

Matthew Jordan Smith

Tokyo, Japan

About my work

As a Black photographer, I work to create empowering images that have an inspirational quality. I want to feel proud of the images I create and in term, make the viewer feel proud or happy. I believe photographs have the ability to open minds and change hearts so if my images can create a positive world view of my subjects, then I feel I have accomplished my goal.


Matthew Jordan Smith is an American photographer known for his portraits of celebrities, actors and models. His clients include Pantene, Revlon, Olay and America’s Next Top Model. Matthew taught at the prestigious School of Visual Arts, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and the Eddie Adams Workshop. He is the recipient of the Microsoft Icon of Imaging Award, the George Eastman Power of Image Award and the WPPI Vision Award. Born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York, Smith now lives in Japan, working between New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.




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Matthew Jordan Smith

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