Michael Ifeanyi Oshai

Mikey Oshai.

Lagos, Nigeria

About my work

My work is my voice, my method of communication. I am very passionate about breaking stereotypes. Grown up in Nigeria as a boy there are so many expectations placed on you, like how you must hide emotions so you don't appear weak. With my work I aim to challenge these unrealistic expectations and also to celebrate the Man for who he is. His skin, his passion, desires etc. We are all different in our unique ways and that should be celebrated. My work also aims to draw attention to mental health and the consciousness of man. I believe there is power in being vulnerable, it is where we are our most authentic selves.


Mikey Oshai is a 26 year old self-taught photographer. Born in Chicago, IL, he graduated college with a bachelor of law. Just two years into photography, he has worked with brands ranging from Orange culture, Tokyo James, Emmy Kasbit. His most recent publication was an 8 page spread on essence magazine. His work can also been seen on CNNAfrica, ID, OkayAfrica, Vogue Italia. Melina Matsoukas, Naomi Campbell and Daniel Kaluuya are few the people he has captured.




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Michael Ifeanyi Oshai

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