Santiago Lösslein Pulido

Santiago Lösslein Pulido

Munich, Germany

About my work

The process of finding your identity in a multifaceted world has always affected the artists thoughts. Santiago Lösslein Pulido now uses his own experiences and brings them across in a melancholic way. His photographs are incredibly intimate and show the subjects in a vulnerable state. He produces this bareness by creating an environment which is welcoming and accepting. The selected pieces portray the artist's perception of recent events in standstill and progress.


I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in Munich, Germany. After my graduation I traveled to Colombia, my mother's home country, and started to get into photography. Nowadays my work consists of documentary and portrait work, focusing on my immediate surroundings, my friends and the theme of identity.




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Santiago Lösslein Pulido

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