Woosler Delisfort

Woosler Delisfort

Miami Fl, (Little Haiti), USA

About my work

GODmama: Great Mother of Power seeks to counter the long-held negative stereotypes of women in the traditional role of spiritual guide. Referenced in medieval times as a witch, those accused of idol worship and witchcraft, were thought to be condemned to hell. Through research and personal experience Delisfort has come to learn and observe a very different image of women in these spiritual traditions. The women that Delisfort so thoughtfully portrays in his photographs are those images of spiritual leaders, nurturers, and loving, earthly mothers. In order to fully explore the varied roles and aspects of women in the spiritual traditions of the African Diaspora this exhibition includes the inclusion of lectures and performances by the featured women, alongside scholars and other practitioners of African spirituality. This exhibition aims to introduce this work to the larger community of these women who hold a range of titles and culturally-defined meanings such as herbal woman, diviner, spirit-medium, oracle, healer and wise woman.


Woosler Delisfort is an award winning documentary photographer and filmmaker born, raised and residing in Little Haiti, a predominantly Haitian-American neighborhood located in Miami, Florida. Over the past 10 years he has devoted his life's work to capturing the energies driving the human experience. One of his focuses is highlighting the interconnectedness of humanity by illustrating compelling stories that capacitate greater regard for misrepresented people. Storytelling is an instrumental medium for depicting truth within an authentic context and also allows those seeking to discover unexplored areas of self, an opportunity to connect with core principles which affect the collective human spirit.




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Woosler Delisfort

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